Unhelpful, surly waitstaff will drag down the mood at any restaurant!

In fact, unhelpful and unfriendly waitstaff may be the main reason customers do not return to your restaurant.

Don’t let it happen to you …..

It’s far easier to train an upbeat, fun person on restaurant service than it is to teach an experienced, grumpy person to be nice.

Remember, your restaurant is only as good as your worst team member, so don´t permit staff to remain if they are rude, condescending, surly or unhappy.

There are plenty of great people out there who want to work in your restaurant. Find them, train them, and improve your sales.

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Restaurants are hard work. The hours are long, the work is tiring, and it can be repetitive. But if the owner doesn’t care enough about the restaurant to show up, why should the staff?

No one is going to step up their game until their boss tells them to.

The only person who can inspire and lead is the leader.


Absentee owners are a recipe for failure, precisely because it is presence and leadership that can turn around a failing restaurant, not an owner in hiding.

Owners often disappear when the sales start to fall or the job starts to seem less fun. But of course, that is exactly the time when the owner is the most needed.

That said, the owner can’t be expected to be there 24/7 and needs a life outside of the restaurant … so work – life balance is essential.

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This is not always the case … but more often than not, if customers cannot find a place to park, they may not come to your restaurant or at the very least; you are limiting your customer base.


So I think that parking needs be taken into account before the lease is signed.

  •  Are spaces included in the lease?
  • Are they adequate to what you will need?

If there is no dedicated parking, count the spaces immediately surrounding your location.

  • Are there enough?
  • How much competition is there for those parking spaces?


Is there a public car park that’s close enough to become part of your parking?

Is the public transport good enough to make parking less of a concern?

If ‘none of the above’ apply to you … consider if you will you have enough pedestrian traffic to offset any lack of parking?

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