Unhelpful, surly waitstaff will drag down the mood at any restaurant!

In fact, unhelpful and unfriendly waitstaff may be the main reason customers do not return to your restaurant.

Don’t let it happen to you …..

It’s far easier to train an upbeat, fun person on restaurant service than it is to teach an experienced, grumpy person to be nice.

Remember, your restaurant is only as good as your worst team member, so don´t permit staff to remain if they are rude, condescending, surly or unhappy.

There are plenty of great people out there who want to work in your restaurant. Find them, train them, and improve your sales.

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  1. One of the most important factors in waitstaff behaviour is to hire a “people person “. A lot of people work in hospitality because its “easy” to find casual /part-time work while going to uni or just to earn a few extra dollars as a side gig , but then they realise that a job that might be easy to get , may not indeed be a easy job to hold down . Working at night on weekends missing your family and friends events is not “easy” , putting up with disorganised management creates stress in the workplace which is not”easy” to deal with . Learning to smile and be happy everyday to every customer that walks into your business is emotional labour and is not “easy “to do , your cat BoBo may have died yesterday ,the customer dose not know this or even care ,and why should they ? So one or a combination of these factors may contribute to staff behaviour , the key is for the management to hire the right personality type , and to create a culture at work where people can be respectful to each other and the customers . A Guest will feel this vibe in the restaurant as they walk in , staff are smiling , joking laughing having fun yet still being professional .

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