Customer Service, Not Food, Is The Most Important Thing

Many people new to the business think that their restaurant will rise or fall on the basis of their food. But usually that isn’t the case. Yes it’s true that you don’t want to serve awful food. But think of a popular restaurant you know about where the food is ok, but the lines of customers are long. Why is that? Maybe it’s a convenient location, or very consistent quality. But more often than not, it’s because of the service of the staff.

Staff who go out of their way to be friendly.
Staff who are helpful,
Staff who fix problems and
Staff who make the experience pleasant.

Unhelpful, surly waitstaff drag down the mood at any restaurant. In fact, unhelpful and unfriendly wait staff may be the main reason customers do not return to your restaurant.

Don’t let it happen to you.

It’s far easier to train an upbeat, fun person on restaurant service than it is to teach an experienced, grumpy person to be nice.

Your restaurant is only as good as your worst staff person.

There are plenty of great people out there who want to work in restaurants.

Find them, train them, and improve your sales.

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